A Gallery of Readers
weekly writing workshops in Northampton, Massachusetts

For more information about joining one of the writing workshops, please email Robin or Carol.
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Upcoming Reading

Sunday, April 12, 2015, 4 o’clock pm
Rebecca Rice & Kevin Cooke
held at the Neilson Library Browsing Room
visit the audio archive for past recordings

The rescheduled reading for Don Wheelock & Mary Beth Brooker is May 31, at 3 pm.
The rescheduled reading for Don Horton & Susan Cocalis is June 28, at 3 pm.

Gallery Publications

After the Rain

After the Rain
by Jonathan A. Wright

read the review in NESEA | listen to the book launch

While Wright’s poems carry the heavy freight of human sadness, longing, and loss, they also celebrate joy through deeply felt meditations on familial love and a longstanding intimacy with the natural world. Nature is the primary lens through which the poet reveals territories of mind and heart that are alternately thrilling and unsettling. Beneath their lovely surfaces, the poems probe the questions we all ask: What does it mean to have human consciousness in a world that keeps its own counsel? How can we bear the grief of losing what we love? After the Rain is a book lit from within by language that clarifies and distills.
—Chase Twichell

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Nothing Brave Here by Joan Cenedella
Meet Jimmy Fox
by Barbara Lucey

Ladder to the Roof by Brett Averitt

Lessons out of School by Susan Cocalis

A Gallery of Readers Anthology


An Introduction

For more than twenty years, Carol Edelstein and Robin Barber have led writing workshops in Northampton, MA, and sponsored an accompanying reading series for participants of the workshops.

In 2011, A Gallery of Readers became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, with the mission to stimulate interest in, and access to, literature written by emerging creative writers. The association conducts educational workshops for writers, develops and promotes opportunities to enlarge the audience for their art; publishes books and broadsides; and ensures access to such opportunities inclusively without restrictions based on gender, orientation, age, education, or income levels; and to perform any other acts necessary to achieving these goals.