A Gallery of Readers
weekly writing workshops in Northampton, Massachusetts

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For more information about joining one of the writing workshops, please email Robin or Carol.
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Our Workshops

Writing workshops are held Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Thursday evenings; twice a year, a weekend writing retreat is scheduled, where regular attendees and others spend two days writing in the Berkshires. Online registration and payment is available for all workshops and retreats!

There is no fee to come to the workshop once to try it out—contact Robin or Carol to arrange a visit, at robertebarber[at]galleryofreaders.org or caroledelstein[at]galleryofreaders.org

Ten Essentials of Writing Practice | Policy on Giving & Receiving Comments
Policy on Responding to Manuscripts

Robin Barber and Carol Edelstein are certified Amherst Writers and Artists workshop leaders. Their writing workshops follow the Amherst Writers and Artists practices designed by their mentor, Pat Schneider, AWA founder.

Each workshop series is structured to provide time for writing and response. To begin, I present brief readings and writing exercises as a trigger for exploration. After about an hour of writing time, participants are invited (but not required) to share their work.

When someone wants critical response, he or she gives copies of an edited, typed manuscript to all participants. Prepare up to ten pages of prose, or six poems, and consider including a question about what elements you want readers to focus on for commentary. A week or two later we discuss the manuscript in the workshop, and copies are returned to the writer with written comments. In addition, workshop participants may request one private consultation during each ten-week series.

Workshop writers are invited to participate in the annual reading series, held at the Neilson Library at Smith College, and to contribute to Gallery publications.

Our History

For more than twenty years, Carol Edelstein and Robin Barber have led writing workshops in Northampton, MA, and sponsored an accompanying reading series for participants of the workshops. In 2011, A Gallery of Readers became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, with the mission to stimulate interest in, and access to, literature written by emerging creative writers. The association conducts educational workshops for writers, develops and promotes opportunities to enlarge the audience for their art; publishes books and broadsides; and ensures access to such opportunities inclusively without restrictions based on gender, orientation, age, education, or income levels; and to perform any other acts necessary to achieving these goals.